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H-2 5mm Accessory Tool Holder

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The H-2 Holder fits in the H-1, H-1L or T- 101 and holds the Micro Mandrels, Micro Stakes and Insert Wheels. The H-2 Holder makes working on very small hammer forming projects possible.

 The Micro mandrels are used to form rounded corners on bezels and small forms.  Often the Fretz Bezel Mandrels will need a companion stake to complete a small curved area on freeform or very oblong shapes.  Since the mandrel is in a holder the jeweler doesn’t have to balance the mandrel, bezel and hammer all at once.  One hand manipulates the bezel on the mandrel while the other hand wields the hammer.

  The Micro Mandrels dome or cup tiny areas of metal by forming with a small planishing hammer. Metal formed over three stakes gives a range of working options. 

  The I- Stakes are a wide range of mushroom stakes, mandrels and a hook stake.  The stakes can be placed in the holder either vertically or horizontally. The mushroom stakes are used like silversmithing stakes but for small jewelry projects.  The different curves on the mushroom stakes will dome the metal to different contours while held upright.  Using them while held in the side hole, makes possible concave or anticlastic shapes.  The concave shapes work for concave bezels or bell shapes.  The hook is useful for small pendants or bails when they need to be formed into a concave shape. 

 The Insert Wheels form domed rings and earrings by raising a ring over the wheels.  The range of sizes and widths make forming synclastic or raised shapes easy. Just hold the band over the shape with a small air pocket and hammer down and repeat with overlapping hammer blows.  The flat ring will come out round and domed.

Availability: In stock

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