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Set #11 H-2 System Set- Complete

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The Fretz Stake Set #11 is when you want a complete jewelry forming stake set for very small work. It comes with almost all the parts foe the H-2 Holder Stakes and the H-1 to mount on a workbench or in a vise. The Wheel Insert Stakes in Set #12  are not part of this set.

Set #11 Includes

  • H-2    System Set- Complete
  • H-1    Stake Holder and Hardware 
  • H-2    5mm Accessory Tool Holder 
  • A-1    thru A-3 as a Set/ Miniature Stakes
  • AT-1,2,3 and 5 as a  Set/ Miniature Mandrels
  • S-2    Wooden Micro Stake Holder for H-2
  • VB-1 Wooden Vise Block and Hardware (I-Series Set – Below)
  • I-1     4.7mm Round High Dome Insert
  • I-2     5.7mm Round High Dome Insert
  • I-3     6.5mm Round High Dome Insert
  • I-4     8.5mm Round High Dome Insert
  • I-5     10.5mm Round High Dome Insert
  • I-6     12mm Low Dome Mushroom Insert
  • I-7     14.6 Low Dome Mushroom Insert
  • I-8     16.7 Low Dome Mushroom Insert
  • I-9     37mm Tall x 3x 10.5 mm Taper Insert
  • I-10   35mm Tall x 4x 13.8 mm Taper Insert
  • I-11   21mm Tall x 3x 19 mm Taper Insert
  • I-12   17.5mm Tall x 4mm x 29.5 mm Concave Taper 
  • I-13   32mm Tall x 4mm to 24 mm Concave Taper 
  • I-14   6mm Hook

Availability: In stock

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