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Set #6 Mushroom Stake Set

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The Fretz Stake Set #6 has nine round Mushroom Stakes(M-1 thru M-9)of three different sizes. The shapes are flat, low dome and half round in 10mm, 14mm and 18mm sizes. The Fretz mushroom Stakes also fit the H-1 Holder and can be used to dome sheet metal into different curves. The H-1 Holder may be mouted on a workbench or on the VB-1 Wooden Block that is then placed in a vise.

Set Includes:

  • H-1   Stake Holder with Hardware
  • M-1   Mushroom Flat Stake (14mm)
  • M-2   Mushroom Low Dome Stake (14mm)
  • M-3   Mushroom High Dome Stake (14mm)
  • M-4   Mushroom Flat Rolled Edge Stake(10mm)
  • M-5   Mushroom Low Dome Stake(10mm)
  • M-6   Mushroom High Dome Stake(10mm)
  • M-7   Mushroom Flat Rolled Edge Stake(18mm)
  • M-8   Mushroom Low Dome Stake(18mm)
  • M-9   Mushroom High Dome(18mm)
  • S-1    Wooden Stake Rack 83/4”x5
  • VB-1 Wooden Vise Block with Hardware


Availability: In stock

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