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Set NTAH - Now That's A Hammer Set

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Set Includes:

#1 Hammer is similar to a large riveting hammer with a flat round face and a crosspein on the opposing end. The flat end will planish or hammer metal smooth; and if the metal is domed and will leave the classic planish marks of hand wrought jewelry. The crosspein end leaves a narrow mark which is very attractive on wire jewelry

#2 Hammer is a sharp crosspein texture hammer. One end is very sharp and the other end more rounded. The marks obtained on slightly domed metal look like engraved lines. The thicknesses of the lines vary depending on the end used and the force of each hammer blow.

#3 Hammer is a double ended ballpein and is the classic texture hammer. The marks made are deep, round, and work very well on both flat and domed metal surfaces.

Availability: Out of stock

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