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M-133B Finishing Concave Fluting Stake

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Fretz Design has designed fluting stakes for domed and flat bracelet surfaces.  The new M-133A and M-133B make it possible to flute concave bracelets and other shapes with handcrafted random or uniform flutes. The stakes M-133A and M-133B are designed to be used after the project is formed on the concave M-104 Stake.

Using the M-133B

 The M-133B is used after the M-133A to sharpen up the flutes.  The M-133A with its round crest line leaves a track for the second stake to follow. Planish lightly with the M-133B Stake following the tracks made M-133A Stake.  The semi formed flutes keep this sharp stake from dancing around on the inside and the result is a pristine flute. The resulting planish marks will be dependent on how hard the metal is struck and which hammer is chosen.

Availability: In stock

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